Monthly Archives: February 2013

To all the women, who independent!

Throw those hands up at me! When B started down the path to earning his M.D., we knew we would be living on my paycheck and my paycheck alone. Thankfully, when I finished grad school my earning potential did substantially increase (I work in marketing communications though, so don’t get too excited) and we crunched […]

Sunday Sustenance

Happy weekend all! Blogger and fellow Midwest girl, Kristin over at Iowa Girl Eats always has awesome and healthy recipes. And she is a fellow runner! What’s not to love? And one of them includes several of my favorite food items: Avocado Balsamic vinegar — reduction! Double points! Spinach Fresh mozzarella YUM Thus became the […]

Y’all ready for this?

If you just thought of Jock Jams when you read the title, we could be friends. Your life partner/fiance/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other is contemplating med school. That’s awesome! What an admirable profession to seek?! A job seen with such respect in our country, helping those in need, saving lives! They’ve thought about it and are ready to […]

Wintry weekend

This past weekend my mom was here! It is always fun to have family around to break up the stress of work and school. We had a great weekend that was primarily comprised of… Walking, eating and drinking, and playing/snuggling with the pups. Important Married with Med School lesson: make time to relax with the […]

True love is…letting your husband take your blood pressure four times in a row.

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate! In honor of this commercial love-fest, let’s talk a little bit about love and dedication. Few things are quite as scary early on in the med school career than the following: Standardized patient physical exams. This is one of the first examples of when young, green med students […]

Sunday Sustenance: Mardi Gras Edition

We try to be healthy and we try to save money. One way we do this is by cooking at home. Most weeks I try to make all of my breakfasts and lunches, and dinners every night but Saturday. That’s a lot of quality time spent in my kitchen. I’m not going to pretend that […]

Options, options

Ahhhh, the sweet smell of an acceptance envelope, or phone call or email and the happy man or woman that accompanies it:) B was fortunate to have several options on the table and I was fortunate to take many trips to check them all out!  In fact, I believe B declared intent the day before […]