Monthly Archives: March 2013

Brunch and bunnies

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! With B’s limited Step 1 schedule, in lieu of heading out for brunch this morning, I elected to make it at home. Not to mention the crowds – we live in a city of hipster and hippies and those folks sure like their brunch! It has been a lovely […]

Step 1 Guidelines: Non-student Edition

Ready of not, crunch time is a go for boards at our house! B first started talking about Step 1 in December, prepping me for our spring back during the holidays. We talked about things like “12 hour study days”, “5 weeks off to study for this exam”, “no free-time”, “stress”. Sounds like fun, huh? […]

Sunday Sustenance… and Married to Medicine?

Hope you all had great weekends! B kicked off his full-time Step 1 studying today, after a nice, relaxing Saturday. We took Moxley for a walk downtown and watched some NCAABB. March Madness is making its presence known in this house. I spent a good chunk of my afternoon in the kitchen. I like to […]

The first rule of med school…

Medical school can seem a little mysterious. Meaning that those who don’t have a personal connection themselves may feel like it’s a closed-door society. Kind of like Fight Club. I even feel that way a bit. So when people find out that I’m married to a med student, I generally receive a flurry of questions. […]

Baileys and birthdays

Top of the morning to you and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! In celebration, instead of my usual weekend coffee with Baileys, I’m having Baileys with coffee in a green mug:) Last year SPD fell on a sunny, 70 degree Saturday. This year, not much of the same. Alas, we won’t be headed to the bar […]

A girl named Aspirin

B and I regularly drive past a street with Asa in the name. “Asa, that’s actually kind of pretty,” I said on a recent trip past. “Asa?” said B. “Yes, A-S-A, Asa.” M “A-S-A?” B “Yeah.” M “A-S-A, aspirin,¬†acetylsalicylic acid. We’re not naming a kid Aspirin”. B Name, ruined. However, with all this exciting new […]

Sunday Sustenance: Unseasonably Spring

Y’all, listen up: it’s Spring*! What, does this not look like Spring to you? Admittedly, it isn’t all green and flowery, but the snow is disappearing! And it is supposed to hit SIXTY DEGREES TODAY!! That number hasn’t been seen in months and it is a welcome sight. Walking around the neighborhood we’re running into […]