Step 1 Guidelines: Non-student Edition

Ready of not, crunch time is a go for boards at our house! B first started talking about Step 1 in December, prepping me for our spring back during the holidays. We talked about things like “12 hour study days”, “5 weeks off to study for this exam”, “no free-time”, “stress”. Sounds like fun, huh? Our conversations were apparently extremely typical as this is so stressful for M2’s that full studies have been done about it! So while B’s list of guidelines may look more like this, mine are something like this:


  1. I will not speak the words “Step 1” or “boards” or “USMLE” (I wouldn’t actually say that because I can never remember what it stands for anyway, but you get the point) to B. Whenever he talks about it his eyes glaze over and get this dead look that I want no part of whatsoever.
  2. I will watch too many cheesy movies and silly shows. B will be busy so I will proudly claim the remote control until May. And if you try to give me flack for it I’ll just say, “It’s a stressful time around our house and I need the mental escape, but thank you.” Tomorrow night’s cinematic delight: Pretty in Pink. *

    "Good Morning! Welcome to another day of higher education!"via IMDB

    “Good Morning! Welcome to another day of higher education!”
    via IMDB

  3. I will not freak out about cleaning up the dishes in a timely fashion and will spend time with my husband. B is building his breaks around when I will also be available. So instead of looking at our dirty dinner dishes still at our places and wanting to jump up and rinse and load them, I will ignore them and lounge on the couch for 20 minutes with my main man.
  4. Live your life. With B having even less free time than before, I’m taking advantage of this time to go to more happy hours, yoga classes, maybe a Coursera class and even a quick trip home.

I realize that B’s boring month-o-studying sounds like it’s going to be fun for me, but you know, silver linings:)

*Amendment: tomorrow I will be watching a particular team play in the NCAA tournament and score a big upset!


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