A room with a view

Or at least a different chair.


The view from our home office.

The view from our home office.

B’s got a pretty sweet office setup. A big desk with a variety of lighting options, an iHome to play his classical studyin’ tunes, a candle. I mean, truly the lap of luxury.


B’s studying arrangements.

Especially when compared to my work set-up.


Wait, you get a phone AND a computer? High roller.

Wait, you get a phone AND a computer? High roller.


However, after extended periods of time in his room, he is eager to look elsewhere during this stretch of studying. And preferably somewhere NOWHERE NEAR THE MEDICAL SCHOOL. Therefore, he has been exploring the five different branches of our public library as well as all the cute independently owned coffee shops around town. I excitedly ask him as we leave the gym every morning where he’s going to study. I feel pangs of jealousy when he says “I think I’ll study at the Riverpine Library* this morning and Café Begonia* this afternoon.” Then I angrily fill my coffee cup and hit the road for my office.  But then I realize, he isn’t wandering down the aisles of books, finding the coziest chair or enjoying the eclectic mix of coffee house tunes like I am imagining and romanticizing. He’s face-down in a book, probably in a study room or at the most isolated table he can find, ignoring his surroundings. And my jealousy subsides.



Bonus pic! Mox taking a stick-chewing break on a recent walk.


*Names have been changed. But don’t those sound like great places to go? I would totally drink coffee at Cafe Begonia.


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