Age appropriate?

B recently had a birthday and turned 28. I am holding on to 27 for a couple more months. B and I both went to grad school and worked for a couple years before he went to med school. We were 26 when he started working on his MD. Not all, but most, of his class came straight from undergrad. Think of the development and maturity picked up between years 22-26? We’ll be 30 when he graduates, practically dinosaurs in the typical med-student schema. On my 27th birthday I asked B if he thought 27 was old or young. He said old, I said young. The more I thought about it I’ve decided that age in probably relative in relationship to the people you are around. For example, if most of B’s classmates are 23, he probably feels old. Whereas for me, I’m the youngest person on my team at work by a decade, with the majority closer to two decades older than me. So I feel young in comparison. Many people ask me if they think B benefits from being older than many of his classmates. In some respects, yes, but not necessarily in others. That choice would depend on the person. I personally, would not have been ready to say, “I want to be a doctor” at the ripe old age of 21, really, by the time you prep for the MCATs.

There is plenty of talk about the confusion of one’s early 20’s, but I would argue that I feel more confused now. The early 20’s seem straightforward to me: work crappy entry-level job, live in crappy apartments, continue to drink too much. The late 20’s seems confusing due to the juxtaposition. For me, I have a stable job, a home, a husband, a dog, which is all very mature and grownup. However, I’m not sure what I really want to do with my life, I too selfish to even entertain the idea of having children yet and my husband is still in school. Oh, and I’m still poor.

Also, I’m not sure how to dress myself appropriately anymore? The extremes of too old versus too young seem clear, but what falls in the middle?


Note to self: Garanimals – too young. Via Google.

Now, don’t think that I’m one who laments my increasing age. I see many benefits: I have gotten way more assertive in my work. I don’t feel bad about calling someone out on poor service. I have a way better understanding of who I am and what I value. Also, my long distance running PRs are at my all-time fastest. But sometimes I think this holding pattern of continuous education has left me confused. Am I really an Adult? I feel more like Adult-Lite.

Mox is having his own age-appropriate crisis. At 1 1/2 is he puppy, dog or pup-dog? (Spoiler: the correct answer is now and will always be pup-dog.)


Needy puppy versus well-read gentleman.

Needy puppy versus well-read gentleman.

Buzzfeed always understands me. 

Its cold and rainy here, so here are some summery pictures to lift spirits, yours and mine.

Mox and I on Lake Michigan, B in San Diego, flowers on our patio.

Mox and I on Lake Michigan, B in San Diego, flowers on our patio.


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