White flag

Ok, Winter. You win. Yesterday with wind and snow, I decided to postpone my weekly long, Saturday morning run, for Sunday, supposedly with sunshine and temps in the mid-50’s. But alas, I awake this morning to more of the same. In February, even March, I can accept this, suck it up and head out the door. But not now, Winter, not April. I cannot muster the toughness to do another snowy run. You’ve beat me down, Winter. All I ask for is no snow, with highs of in the range of 55-62 for the remainder of April. Is that too much to ask? I suppose it is. Let’s try again tomorrow.

Snow on my sleeve, naps with pup and our electric fireplace.

Snow on my sleeve, naps with pup and our electric fireplace.

Despite all this doom and gloom, some fun was had around these parts this weekend too.  Well, not for B. He studied, but at least with a buddy.

Whatcha got here? Cardiology? Ok, I'm interested.

Whatcha got here? Cardiology? Ok, I’m interested.

My weekend included actual fun, summarized here.


I went to see always hilarious David Sedaris with a friend, bought these super fun (if not age appropriate? I don’t know?!) hot pink Wayfarers at Urban Outfitters and I checked out The Killer Angels from the ole Public Library. B is a big-time Civil War buff, so to celebrate the completion of Step 1, we are taking  a trip to Gettysburg. Despite having seen all ten hours of Ken Burn’s The Civil War, B has given me a reading assignment. Thankfully the writing is good, so here goes.

Whoa, wait: the snow has stopped and um, is that a tiny sliver of the sun I see? Off to hit some pavement, later!


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  1. […] name Gatsby, but was vetoed. Well guess, what? B first saw the name Moxley in his favorite book the afore mentioned Killer Angels, from Moxley Sorrell. I was so prepared for him to try to name our dog Sherman that when he […]

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