Monthly Archives: May 2013


B and I recently signed up for Netflix for one reason and one reason only. If you have never seen Arrested Development, there is no time like the present and it has it all: deadpan, slapstick, satire, self-deprecating humor, amputees, Never-Nudes, alcoholics, unstable architecture, that thing where a son dates a woman his mother’s age […]


Hello friends! I’ve been missing in action lately, but in the best way. I’ve spent time with friends (canine and otherwise) and family. Partially in that other Midwest state where I was raised and the one where I live now. And I also attended some events for my NEW JOB! I don’t officially start until […]

Practice Makes Perfect

B is well into his first week of clinical rotations! He’s starting in Internal Medicine, specifically, cardiology. You may recall from a previous post, that B really values practice and repetition. Which is great for his future patients! Not always fun for me. ¬†However, I think this may be taking it to a new extreme. […]

Sunday Sustenance: Fish Tacos and a Day for the Mamas

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas! I have a truly amazing one myself and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without our daily chats. I love you, Mom! Hope you enjoy your day! On Cinco de Mayo I made these fish tacos and they were pretty delish. A perfect spring/summer food. […]

Paging Dr. B

B is in the midst of M3 orientation this week! M3?! How can that be? Two years behind us? Somedays it feels like decades, but most it feels more like minutes. So starting next week B will be doing clinical rotations, with like, real patients and stuff! Hence, I came home last night to find […]

Road trip

This past weekend we road-tripped it to Gettysburg, PA to enjoy some of our incredibly sparse and beloved spare time. Perfect timing too, with M3 orientation starting this week. Such a great weekend of rest, relaxation, sunshine and history. The visitor center is very new with a great museum, but we focused most of our […]

Closed book(s)

Welp, B’s Step 1 is behind him! I remember after my last final in undergrad. I handed my seminar paper to my professor and I went back to my apartment and fixed myself a drink followed by many more. It was 3:30 p.m. ¬†After my last final in grad school I also hit the bar, […]