Closed book(s)

Welp, B’s Step 1 is behind him! I remember after my last final in undergrad. I handed my seminar paper to my professor and I went back to my apartment and fixed myself a drink followed by many more. It was 3:30 p.m.  After my last final in grad school I also hit the bar, but at a more reasonable 8:30 p.m. and I had two drinks. This certainly isn’t B’s last final, but I think he is celebrating my having one microbrew and walking the dog. My, how time’s have changed. Ok, that’s not totally fair because Monday we are having a fancy steak dinner at a fancy restaurant here in town. I rarely feel fancy, so this is HUGE! Granted, the reason we get to have said fancy dinner is because I got a giftcard from the awesome PR firm I work with for our wedding gift, which was ten months ago and we haven’t had the time to use it yet, but still! Fancy fancy!

This is typically the extent of my "fancy". Via Google.

This is typically the extent of my “fancy”. Via Google.

The plan had been tonight, but it is also the grand exodus of the under-22 set known as Graduation Weekend. Lots of cameras, tears and tassels, before us year-rounders run this town!

Also this weekend, to celebrate closing the books on Step 1 and what could be one of very few free weekends to come, we are taking a quick trip to Gettysburg, PA. B loves himself some Civil War history. Because nothing says relaxation after 5 weeks of round-the-clock studying than visiting a battleground where hundreds were slaughtered. Who needs the beach? 🙂

But in all seriousness it will combine some of our favorite things. For B that means the Civil War and camping and for me it means going somewhere and sunshine! I like most things that involve sunshine. Oh, and s’mores! I completely forgot about s’mores!

B is obsessed with the Civil War. B even snuck a reference in while we were naming our beloved pup. I offered up the name Gatsby, but was vetoed. Well guess, what? B first saw the name Moxley in his favorite book the afore mentioned Killer Angels, from Moxley Sorrell. I was so prepared for him to try to name our dog Sherman that when he offered up Moxley I just thought “Oh, what a cute name! We can call him Mox”, that the whole Civil War connection blindsided me.

Turns out that us Yankees also rescued a Dixie pup. Mox was brought up on a Rescue Waggin‘ from Tennessee, where it was love at first sight when we met him at the Human Society.

Still in the kennel at the Humane Society, before we brought him home.

Still in the kennel at the Humane Society, before we brought him home.

Note on William Tecumseh Sherman: B admires him so much that his picture hangs on the wall in our office.

Right? Do I get some sort of awesome wife award?

Right? Do I get some sort of awesome wife award?

And not only that, a Civil War map hangs on the other wall.

Utilizing all available wall-space.

Utilizing all available wall-space.

I don’t spend much time in this room.

Congrats to all the M2s who can put the Step 1 behind them!


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