Paging Dr. B

B is in the midst of M3 orientation this week! M3?! How can that be? Two years behind us? Somedays it feels like decades, but most it feels more like minutes. So starting next week B will be doing clinical rotations, with like, real patients and stuff! Hence, I came home last night to find this little number on the table:

Not getting a sig' on his beeper.

Not getting a sig’ on his beeper.

This, of course, spawned many questions from me: “Are there codes? Numerical or color? Will you actually get to respond to emergencies, or more just watch? Omigosh, will you run down the hall and grab the paddles and yell “Clear!” and then save lives?”

B: “I don’t really know yet. It may be more like “Med Student #1, go change Mr. Jones’ catheter”.

M: “Oh.”

I don’t know why, but it still seems so strange as he collects more tools for his Doctor Toolkit. I remember how weird it seemed the day he got his White Coat. Not weird in a bad way, I know he’s going to make a freaking awesome doctor, but in a, hey that’s my guy!- kind of way.


At B's white coat ceremony.

At B’s white coat ceremony.

For literally two years now, we have had several conversations that included sentence variations along the lines of “When M3 year starts I won’t have time to,” or “That works well now, but when M3 year begins..”.

I guess we’ll find out Monday!


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