B and I recently signed up for Netflix for one reason and one reason only.

via FanPop.

via FanPop.

If you have never seen Arrested Development, there is no time like the present and it has it all: deadpan, slapstick, satire, self-deprecating humor, amputees, Never-Nudes, alcoholics, unstable architecture, that thing where a son dates a woman his mother’s age with the same name, and Liza Minnelli. It started to sound like I was describing New York’s Hottest Club.  And now you can get all of it on Netflix! Not sure if you’ll like Arrested Development? Do like any of the following: 30 Rock, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report or my most recent and sadly, canceled favorite, Happy Endings? Then you’re totally gonna love it.

Meanwhile, down at the banana stand, B is known for his penchant for terrible scripted televison. Terrible scripted television in the way that a high percentage doesn’t make it past season 1. Some examples: NBC’s “The Firm”, NBC’s “Deception” and really any Lifetime movie imaginable. I’ve sat through my fair share on terrible Lifetime movies including one where Jennie Garth is HIV positive and other telling the story of the “Craiglist killer”. Truly awful. I like to razz him about this but then he throws my appointment-watching of RHOBH in my face. Not proud, but true. But the worst part of his terrible TV watching is that I get roped in too! Deception is the sudsiest soap I washed in in a while. Decrease the budget and switch the time of day and you’ve got The Young and the Restless. But oh, it’s fun and trashy and wonderful!

And that’s the point. If B is taking the time to watch something on TV other than our daily dose of national news and afore mentioned funny news, it’s going to be a No Thinking Required romp. And if there is one thing this fare requires, it is No Thinking. And note that the watching is generally done in one weekend afternoon binge for maximum brain-fry.

via Google.

via Google.

Well, that is after we make it through all 13 episodes of this delight! To savor over the course of weeks, or to gorge in a few sittings?! I am fearful that this will open up the flood gates of television watching though. We have a pretty limited diet at this point, but there are so many series available to me now: The Wire, Mad Men, Dexter.

With B having two day off in a row (!!) we should be able to make it through at least a couple of episodes, when we aren’t outside enjoying the lovely holiday-weekend weather. Maybe we’ll just watch AD and then cancel our subscription? Probably the most responsible path.



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