“Your Request (to Have Some Semblance of Life) Has Been Approved”

B is the best man in his best friend’s wedding this weekend. This is his second time being a best man, and I gotta say, wedding speeches are one of his strong suites. His best man speeches include PPT presentations. And he had people in stitches at our wedding with a bit basically surmising that my dad had threatened to kill him and take him to the taxidermist. I guess you had to be there… That was part of the initial appeal when we first met: he’s pretty quiet, reserved and extremely private, but he makes his words count. And they are often hilarious. Anyway, he’s pretty psyched for this wedding. But being that he’s in the midst of his M3 clinical rotations, he had to submit a request back in January to be approved or denied by a board to see if he could be granted three days off in a row to travel to and attend the wedding.  The good news: we found out about three weeks ago that he was. Best-man duties on! And imagine how badly it would have sucked to tell the couple three weeks before their wedding, that sorry, it’s a no-go.


I think the inability to make plans may be one of my least favorite things about med school. I understand from the perspective of the university: they are trying to cram tons of learning and knowledge into a relatively small window of time. They can’t just give students time off whenever they want. But it doesn’t make it possible to plan, for, well, anything really. And boy, am I a planner? I love making plans, writing lists, plotting out my calendar! But no better time like the present to dust off my ole spontaneous pants:)


Now if you can excuse me, I have to go practice appropriately flipping the slides for perfect comedic timing with B’s jokes.


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