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Sunday Sustenance: Chopped Thai Chicken Salad

This weekend has flown by, but was filled with lots of goodness. The temperatures were surprisingly Fall-like for July which for Mox meant it was a good weekend for bone chewing. Well, most any time of night or day are good bone chewin’ times for the pup. I stumbled upon today’s recipe on Pinterest and […]

Sweet nothings

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. B had the day off and we were sitting on our patio, Mox was chewing sticks, B was studying, highlighters in hand. I had just finished doing some yoga and was sitting down to read a book. I looked up at the sky to the shining sun through the […]


First and foremost, happy birthday to my wonderful Dad! Hope you have a great day, love you! I am a future-thinker. I like to plan. I’m always looking forward to the next life happening. That can be as simple as looking at the weather forecast and plotting what days are best for Mox to go […]

Sunday Sustenance: Cherry, cherry good

Happy Sunday night! I say that ironically because when I think of Sunday night I still think of an elementary aged me dreading going to school the next day. I’m feeling pretty grateful in life that while I don’t love Monday morning, I don’t dread it either. This is a quick’n today because B unexpectedly […]

Work/Life Balancing Act

I met two of my closest friends (let’s call them The J’s) in grad school. We bonded instantly – none of us were from the East Coast (a rarity for our program), we had all majored in English in undergrad, and loved fitness and healthy living. We were all also totally Type-A over-achievers and often […]

July 7, 2012

One year ago today, B and I got married in what, clichés aside, we both agree to be the best day of our lives so far. How many chances in your life do you get to have a room full of the people that you love and care about the most there to celebrate you […]

Happy Birthday, America!

Wishing you all a safe and happy 4th! And med students and significant others: enjoy a day off together! Some scenes from our day: