July 7, 2012

A&B.Wed2012.ngphoto (11)

One year ago today, B and I got married in what, clichés aside, we both agree to be the best day of our lives so far. How many chances in your life do you get to have a room full of the people that you love and care about the most there to celebrate you and with you?

A&B.Wed2012.ngphoto (72)

I remember, not really waking up that morning because I didn’t sleep the night before, but opening my eyes and seeing an email my mom had sent me at 3:41 a.m. on my wedding day, telling me how perfect it was going to be and how much she loves me, me knowing she was up so late selflessly making sure it that was truly to be the case.

A&B.Wed2012.ngphoto (129)

I remember standing at the back of the venue, an instrumental version of Muse’s Starlight comes on, my dad takes my arm and just standing there for a second, looking at each other and both knowing how lucky we are to call each other father and daughter.

I remember starting that walk down the aisle and feeling a rush of calm and radiating happiness. I tend to be comfortable in front of people, but I expected some nervousness standing up in front of 240 people, but it was truly seven of the calmest and happiest minutes of my life, facing B, taking oaths in front of those we love the most. (Yes, seven minutes. We don’t mess around.)

A&B.Wed2012.ngphoto (132)

I remember reaching the front of the venue and seeing my brother standing there, ready to officiate my wedding and thinking there is no one else I would want to perform this ceremony.

I remember immediately after the ceremony, hoping in the car with B to take a few photos together on a gravel road with just me, him and the photographer. I remember him grabbing my hand on that 97 degree day and just cherishing that moment alone.

A&B.Wed2012.ngphoto (238)

I remember B and me standing up at the head table and just taking a moment to look out in the ballroom and see all of the people who had traveled from all over the country to celebrate with us.

I remember wandering from table to table and seeing so many friends and family, old and new, all celebrating and having fun together.

I remember hitting the dance floor with my six bridesmaids, from different parts of the country, at different life stages and seeing how well they all got along, having a blast together and just thinking, life is so good. I am blessed.

A&B.Wed2012.ngphoto (63)

I remember the feeling of the high I was riding all day long. And I still feel it today.

A&B.Wed2012.ngphoto (246)

Happy anniversary, B. Here’s to so many more.

*All of the photography in this post is property of Nature’s Grace Photography, all rights reserved.


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