First and foremost, happy birthday to my wonderful Dad! Hope you have a great day, love you!

I am a future-thinker. I like to plan. I’m always looking forward to the next life happening. That can be as simple as looking at the weather forecast and plotting what days are best for Mox to go to daycare this week or meal planning, to planning where we are going to vacation in two years and what fun things I hope we do in retirement. Sad, but true.

A trip to Angkor Wat? Dream a little dream...via Nat Geo

A trip to Angkor Wat? Dream a little dream…via Nat Geo

Being as that it is July, first year residents across the country are reporting to their hospitals of choice (ahem, placement) and kicking off their residency. This means that two years from now, B will be doing the same. And so now I have near daily thoughts about where we will be moving to next? And you best believe I’ve got my short-list narrowly defined.

This is an utterly ridiculous and futile activity for a whole host of reasons, primarily that B has no idea of what he even wants to specialize in yet, so the thought that I am already daydreaming about our new life in cities X, Y or Z is practically incomprehensible…

…but I am:)

Questions float through my mind: What would it be like to live in X? Do they have my favorite groceries stores there? How many miles/hours is it to our parent’s houses? And on and on.

Oh, the places you'll go? via Google

Oh, the places you’ll go? via Google

You see, for me it’s pretty easy. I am thinking in pros and cons of what the city/town has to offer in terms of culture, outdoor space, affordability, proximity to those we love, etc.  As a matter of fact, I’ve Google-Mapped the driving distance from most of the cities we’ve discussed to both sets of parent’s houses…more than once (I wear my neuroses on my sleeve). For B it is far more complicated, with factors of quality of residency programs taking preference over the exact location in miles to the nearest Whole Foods.

Good to know that I only have one year and nine months to continue obsessing about this.


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