Reflections on Clinical Rotations, so far

B just finished up his first clinical rotation, Internal Medicine, this week. So far I would say it has been about what I would have expected. I thought this would make for a good opportunity to reflect on how it has gone so far.


The in-patient hours are sh*t. Early mornings and late nights. A lot of paperwork and waiting. Going on rounds and presenting to your attending. This is generally what I extracted from the in-patient rotations.

But in outpatient you will talk about sh*t a lot. Two of B’s outpatient clinic rotations were geriatrics and gastroenterology. In geriatrics the questions are “can you take a bowel movement? And can you wipe yourself?” whereas in gastroenterology they carry cards that have pictures of the various kinds of sh*t, like a “show me what kind yours is” type of exercise. But you get the weekends off! *Trade-offs*

On-call days mean you get to wear scrubs. One small perk of a 15+ hour work day. B looks good in scrubs, and he enjoys wearing many varieties of non-clothes, so everyone wins.

Most “off days” aren’t really “off”. This rings true for all of med school, I think. Off days during M3 and M4 years means cramming for the exam you have at the end of your rotation.  However, they are able to cram in your presence, maybe even on the patio or at the pool. Breathing in the same airspace currently equates to “quality time”, that is of course, if his off day lines up with a weekend and you have the day off too. (This hasn’t happened for us often)

But the real off days are so much sweeter. B has his Internal Medicine exam today and tomorrow, then Saturday he is legit taking the day OFF and we are going camping. Conversations away from TVs and wireless connections are the best kinds of conversations:)

This pretty well sums up all the information I’ll combed so far, stay tuned…:)

Unrelated, this happened on our patio last night.


These swans troll our neighborhood hissing at people, attacking dogs and blocking sidewalks and driveways. B thinks that Mox could take them and one time got Mox all up in their business and I thought for sure we were all going to die. So when they passed through last night I thought about throwing sticks at them, but instead just passive-aggressively cussed at them from the safe confines of my home. Equally productive and less likely to get us kicked out of the HOA. 




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