This weekend was a switch weekend for B between clinical rotations. Ya know what that means? A weekend off!

We jumped at the chance to take a quick camping trip. I’m not a huge camping fanatic, but I enjoy it for a night or two. However, someone isn’t quite so keen on camping.

Fear in his eyes as he sits in the tent.

Fear in his eyes as he sits in the tent.

Mox enjoys a nice couch, cool water and air conditioning. We’ve had our share of sleepless nights on camping trips as Mox would stay up all night woofing at passersby. This time though, we got smart: we packed the air mattress and a fan to drown out outside noise.


This time the sleeping was better and the swimming and hiking weren’t half bad either. Also, it was just so nice to have time away from med school books, wireless connections and household chores. Uninterrupted time to hang out with my boys.

One the way home today we blew a tire and had to have our car towed to a shop to have a new tire put on, but, you know, details. Back to reality tomorrow, but its hard to be sad about after such a good weekend off.


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