Sleepy eyes, full ears, losing

Well, kids, my brain is full, or at least Eustachian tube is and it is making me very grumpy and disoriented. You know frustration with steady pain to the point you just lose it? I spontaneously burst into tears at 1:30 this morning after lying in bed, in vain, praying for sleep, for the past three hours. A sleepless night prior only compounded my desperation. B gave me something to knock me out because he loves me, is a good husband, and doesn’t like a crying wife next to him at 1:30 a.m. Who knew?

So why am I off on this tangent? (See the afore mentioned sleepless nights) As someone who is rarely sick I am grateful for my good health. It made me think about a blog post I recently read in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation “Culture of Health” blog. It talks about the impact of one person’s good healthy practices on another and how we should thank others for their health. For example, thanking your partner for not smoking and creating adverse effects for you and heightened risk of disease for them. Or thanking someone for getting a vaccine because their choice is keeping you and countless others safer as well. I’d never thought of thanking someone for their health, but I like it. Also, taking care of your health can be viewed as just being a good civilian.


And I’ll be more civilized once this Eustachian tube is unblocked.


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