I Merely Accept the Nightlife

I do, however, love to boogie.

This week B had his first round of nights – 6 p.m.-8 a.m. to deliver babies for the OB part of his OB-GYN rotation. If you have to be up and alert at 3 a.m., there are probably worse/more tiresome things to be doing than delivering babies. But, B and I are notorious morning people and I knew the shift in schedule would be a tough change. I haven’t seen him since Tuesday morning. So I’ve done what any good wife/puppy mom would do and sent him copious amount of unsolicited puppy pictures. Let’s be honest: he’s less concerned about what I’m up to versus what Mox is up to.

Moxley walking.

Moxley walking.

Moxley smiling.

Moxley smiling.


Moxley sleeping on a pretty pillow.

Moxley sleeping on a pretty pillow.

But (this will sound bad) for me, it hasn’t really seemed that different. Lately B has been out the door pretty early in the morning and other than having dinner together, he spends the night studying. I miss him at dinner, but med school is a pretty 24/7 thing anyway, so having him on nights hasn’t impacted me as much as one might think. BUT, B has Saturday off and we’ll get in some good quality time then. If he can stay awake:)


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