Recent Developments!

There has been some excitement at our house lately!

 One, B’s labor and delivery rotation has had some lows but has been awesome learning experience. He even got to scrub in on a C-section and do a couple sutures!

Two, B now likes sushi. You guys, this is such big news, I can’t even explain. Sushi is one of my favorite foods and B has never been open to it. I’ve always relied on my friend-time to get my sushi fix. In fact, during a recent lunch date with a friend I brought home my leftover sushi and B ate it. All of it. I wasn’t even mad, just excited because he said he liked it! SUSHI DATES ARE IN MY FUTURE!

Three, Moxley no longer has to be kenneled! We started doing trials several months ago. We had a few setbacks (read: things were eaten) but after successfully staying out of his kennel in the morning, he has graduated to being free of his kennel all day! He still isn’t allowed to go upstairs unattended, but this is a wonderful development for the young pup. Also for us –  he’s 70+ pounds and his massive kennel takes up precious living room space.


Four, I got a NEW CAR! I find that I can’t say the words NEW CAR without doing it in my best Rod Roddy voice (RIP). I said au revoir to my little silver car that I’ve had since I was 20. I didn’t get a cool convertible or funky little hybrid like I was dreaming of for several years passed because I’m a realist and it snows here and All-Wheel Drive and heated seats and all of the things. But I did get a moonroof! Holla!


So, uh, life is awesome currently.


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