Monthly Archives: September 2013

Easy peasy

This weekend was one of those weekends that nothing absolutely had to be done and I could live life as it came my way. Yesterday I enjoyed sunny skies and lots of exercise and on a rainy day like today, I got to hang out with my two boys. Those weekends are just the best, […]

Lingo Lesson: Straight Pimpin’

Out at an Oktoberfest block party last weekend, B and some of our M3 friends were discussing clinical rotations when someone said, “And they just kept pimping me, which I actually find to be a good way to learn, but…” To which I responded, “Um, exsqueeze me?!” Pimping (verb): When giving a patient presentation to […]

Sunday Sustenance: Au Revoir Summer Chicken

As I’m writing this I’m watching the Emmy’s. Which, I gotta say have been a little bit depressing, no? While I think it’s nice that they are honoring those who have passed, c’mon now. I’m feeling too sad to laugh at how completely fabulous Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are, which means it’s serious. Anydoodle, […]

Fightin’ Words

What I’m about to say may divide me and you, dear reader. I’m more of an “establish common ground” kinda girl. I like to find connections between people and focus on our similarities. But my feeling on a particular subject goes against that of the social norm and I have prepared myself for the backlash. […]

I’ll Be There! (Maybe…)

I’m an ENFJ. I like decisiveness. I will go here, I will do this, I will finish that. Definitive. I don’t think (?) I’m much of a control freak, I just like to make decisions and stand by them. My “J” is pretty strong (so are my “N”  and “F” but I think my “E” […]

The Most Stressful Groundhog Day

B and I got some QT over the holiday weekend and I got to really talk to him about his perception of clinical rotations. The way he explained it to me really made me take pause. He asked me to imagine going to a job interview every day and it lasts 12+ hours.   That’s […]

Monday (?) Sustenance: Blueberry Banana Pancakes

Yeah, we’ll go with that. Happy Labor Day! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. What is better on a low-key weekend activity than making pancakes? It seems like a luxury to have enough time in the morning to prepare anything more than pouring cereal in a bowl. But with this extra time, I decided to […]