The Most Stressful Groundhog Day

B and I got some QT over the holiday weekend and I got to really talk to him about his perception of clinical rotations. The way he explained it to me really made me take pause. He asked me to imagine going to a job interview every day and it lasts 12+ hours.


That’s basically what it feels like. You are working with different doctors and residents all of the time and they evaluate everything you say, every patient presentation, your bedside manner and on and on. Their perception of you and how they evaluate you can greatly impact what residency programs you match in or whether or not you match at all. It’s a two-year long job interview with dozens or different “bosses”. Only compounding that is the pressure of trying to learn and dealing with situations that involve health and healthcare and all that goes with it.

Soooo, that’s intense. Luckily for him, he gets to come home to us:)

photo (9)


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