I’ll Be There! (Maybe…)

I’m an ENFJ. I like decisiveness. I will go here, I will do this, I will finish that. Definitive. I don’t think (?) I’m much of a control freak, I just like to make decisions and stand by them. My “J” is pretty strong (so are my “N”  and “F” but I think my “E” is getting weaker by the day. I like small groups and meaningful conversations, okay?!?!) And when I make plans, I like to follow through. We all know people who say things like “Maybe I’ll stop by” or “I’ll try to make it”. It is so wishy-washy. Will you or won’t you? I don’t care, just decide! Well, folks, I am now that person who says things like, “That sounds like fun, but I’ll have to see how the weekend goes”. And I hate myself for it. Having a husband in med school has messed me all up.


Considering the very limited amount of free time that med students have at any given time and the fact that I work a full time job, our windows of opportunity to hang out can be pretty limited. So I try to keep my schedule as fluid as possible, i.e., I’m non-committal in a large portion of social invitations. I’ve discussed the ease of having friends who are fellow widows/ers for this very reason. They are the same way with their schedules. BUT, when I know for sure that B is not going to be around I am overly committal. You can count on me!!! I’ll be there!!!! I’M SUPER EXCITED AND CANNOT CONTROL THE PITCH OF MY VOICE!

Oy, some balance please?




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