Lingo Lesson: Straight Pimpin’

Out at an Oktoberfest block party last weekend, B and some of our M3 friends were discussing clinical rotations when someone said, “And they just kept pimping me, which I actually find to be a good way to learn, but…” To which I responded, “Um, exsqueeze me?!”

Pimping (verb): When giving a patient presentation to the team, a medical student is given rapid-fire questions until they give an incorrect answer. They are “pimped” for answers. Ex. My L&D Attending pimped me regarding the risk assessment, implications and necessity of inducing labor for Patient X.


Baby Phat makes scrubs, FYI.

In general the table agreed that being pimped could be a good learning tool. Please do not use that sentence out of context.

Something to know about hanging out with your med school spouse and med school friends: you often won’t know what the hell they’re talking about. And not just due to medical jargon, but due to the language they use when talking about workplace politics. If you start to feel bad about being left in the dark, you can do what I do and throw in some marketing-speak to be a jerk. “I measure the effectiveness of SEO and SEM in terms of overall ROI and benchmarking against our KPIs.”

photo (15)

It doesn’t even matter if it makes any sense.                                                                                                                                                                                       


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