Easy peasy

This weekend was one of those weekends that nothing absolutely had to be done and I could live life as it came my way. Yesterday I enjoyed sunny skies and lots of exercise and on a rainy day like today, I got to hang out with my two boys. Those weekends are just the best, right?

I also had a moment of extreme Old Lady Syndrome. Instead of waiting in line in the rain for multiple hours to see Phoenix play an acoustic show of which tickets were not available in advance, I elected to forgo the line and make apple crisp instead. Obvi, the better choice.


I got to spend today going for walks.


Moxley took naps with plenty of pillows.


And B and I got to lounge around drinking tea, eating Smart Pop, reading books and watching movies.


Other than a 5-hour emergency psych shift Saturday morning, B was around to hang out. So much to love about this weekend! Not to mention, Moxley participated in his first 5k! We walked (Moxley isn’t not much of a runner) and instead of the standard-issue tech tee for humans, all the dogs got bandanas. I think yellow is his color.


Enjoy the week!


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