Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Tale of the Halloween Tool Box

Two years ago, back when B was a lowly M1, we had plans to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids on Halloween. I rushed home from work that day to fill up a big, plastic pumpkin bucket with candy and to anxiously run to door to see the little sprouts in their cute costumes. […]

Here We Go

Last week I had this text exchange with a fellow Widow:   Next week, B starts his surgical rotation. Known as the most taxing clinical rotation in terms of skill and time commitment, I have extremely mixed emotions about it. On one hand, I’m bummed that I will likely hardly see him for 8 weeks. […]

Some more obsessions about the future

Our neighbor, an M4 and the one who was delivering babies in Ghana, is back now and is starting residency interviews. Which means, one year from now (or sooner) B will be doing his residency interviews. So in the next few months B has to decide what he wants to do and we have to […]

My kind of weekend

Friday night B was on an ER psych rotation, which meant I had a night to myself. At first I was bummed about it but then I realized I could do 2 things that he wouldn’t think were nearly as fun as I. I could, 1. Have a dinner of kale and cupcakes. 2. Watch […]

Qualitative Research

During the morning rush, B shouts up the stairs to me while I am doing my makeup the usual, “I’m-leaving-have-a-great-day-love-you-bye!” Door opens, closes. Door re-opens. B: “By the way I’m going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting tonight so I’ll be late for dinner.” Door closes. Door re-opens. B: “For OBSERVATION purposes ONLY!” Door closes. I […]

Sunday Sustenance: Italian Drunken Noodles

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend. Despite all my griping and whining about Fall, we’ve gotten off pretty easy so far. Temps mostly in the 60’s and 70’s and more sunshine than expected. Beautiful walking weather for the young pup. However, today was a rainy one and a perfect day for some comfort food. These […]

Boo, you HIPAA

B spends his day surrounded by people infinitely more interesting than the people I spend my day around. No offense to my coworkers; they are lovely, kind, and interesting in their own right, BUT, check out this nugget o’ info. I asked B how his day was last week and he said, “It was good. […]