My kind of weekend

Friday night B was on an ER psych rotation, which meant I had a night to myself. At first I was bummed about it but then I realized I could do 2 things that he wouldn’t think were nearly as fun as I. I could,

1. Have a dinner of kale and cupcakes.

2. Watch Before Sunrise while I painted my nails.

via Google.

via Google.

Ah, I love that movie! I probably haven’t seen it for ten years and that scene in the booth at the record store where they keep looking at each other and you can actually feel the tension of them wanting to kiss. Perfection.

Thankfully, B did have the rest of the weekend off. After running some errands and watching some (read: a lot) of House Hunters Saturday, I decided I would make us lunch.


Pita pizzas with fresh mozzarella, basil and portobellos.

B elected to contribute as well.


“I’m cooking! Aren’t you going to take a picture for your blog? Are you going to Instagram it?”

But most of the weekend was spent outdoors. Despite my griping, this Fall has been pretty ok. Temps in high 60’s, low 70’s, ample sunshine. This week will take a turn for the nasty, but man, it’s been awesome.


Other weekend happenings. I baked some pumpkin/cinnamon sugar concoctions and Moxley is still undecided about the new car.


It’s too windy when Mama’s got the moonroof open!

But we gotta get that fresh, warm air while we can, amirite?!



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