Some more obsessions about the future

Our neighbor, an M4 and the one who was delivering babies in Ghana, is back now and is starting residency interviews. Which means, one year from now (or sooner) B will be doing his residency interviews. So in the next few months B has to decide what he wants to do and we have to decide where we want to live.

Holy crap.

Once M3 year has started there has been a noticeable shift in the amount of time spent talking about placement and residency. Just as every day of rotations feels like a job interview for the med students, it’s also sort of like each specialty is competing to convince students to pursue that field.

I think it’s time to read this book.

And is it too early to start a countdown to March 19, 2015?

photo (20)

It is? Ok, I’ll try to cool my jets a little. Here’s a picture of Mox eating a hot dog at a dog’s birthday pool party.

 photo (21)

Ah yes, feeling much better.


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