The Tale of the Halloween Tool Box

Two years ago, back when B was a lowly M1, we had plans to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids on Halloween. I rushed home from work that day to fill up a big, plastic pumpkin bucket with candy and to anxiously run to door to see the little sprouts in their cute costumes. However as I opened our front door I was immediately stopped by a large, yellow, plastic tool box sitting on the floor in our entry way.

yellow tool box

B was sitting at the dining table studying.

M: What’s this?

B: Bones.

M: Ha ha, no seriously, what is it?

B: Bones. Human bones.

I eyed him with skepticism until he opened the toolbox and pulled out a human foot. (Well, the skeleton of a human foot, held in shape with wires.)

You see, each M1 is issued a Bone Box to study with during their anatomy sequence. That way if they are reading about the metatarsal they can, you know, hold one.


“The phalange bone is connected to the metatarsal bone, the metatarsal bone is connected to the cuneiform bone. EVERYBODY!”

However, it seemed like a sick joke on behalf of the faculty to send said Bone Boxes home on Halloween night. And though it seemed like a sick joke, B’s propensity toward leaving bones littered throughout his office for me to discover early in the morning or late at night was probably more just med-student scatterbrains.

And while this may seem to Moxley like a sick joke, he’s the cutest darn pumpkin I’ve ever seen:) Here he is with some of his buddies at a doggie costume contest.

photo (23)

Happy Halloween!


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