Monthly Archives: November 2013

Hostess with the mostess?

B and I are hosting Thanksgiving on Thursday. One B, one Manda, four parents, three brothers, one sister-in-law, two dogs and a partridge in a pear tree. And possibly a couple misfit friends will stop by. It will be cozy and chaotic, as holidays should be. But, I’ve never cooked a whole turkey before. Wish […]

How was your day?

B and I still have dinner together most nights. It’s a luxury I’m not immune to and it’s really nice to have that half an hour together at the end of every day. It’s also nice to catch up and hear about each other’s days. Or it had been in the past.     One […]

Storms Brewing

We’ve been under a tornado watch all day. And over 50 tornadoes have touched down across the Midwest, some leaving a lot of destruction in their path. It’s mid-November. It has already snowed once. This is super weird. And as coincidence would have it, B and watched a little movie last night called Take Shelter […]

The scalpels are next to the fabric softener

Returning home from running some errands recently, I was stopped in the laundry room by a surprise. B was conducting surgery on the washing machine. Needle and thread in hand he didn’t even stop to explain when I walked in the door. He just said, “My sutures aren’t straight enough.” This is surgical rotation. Okay, […]

Sunday Sustenance: Soup, Soup, Soup

Guys, I have a cold. I even made B listen to my chest to begrudging confirm my self-diagnosis. It’s lame. I’ve been chugging tea and eating every spicy thing I can gets my paws on. And you know what tastes soooo much better when you’ve been struck with a cold? Soup. Soup tastes freaking amazing. […]

Celebrations! And minor meltdowns

  My brother’s wedding was last weekend. It was a lovely, very personal and fun. It was great to cut loose with my brother and sister-in-law, spend a lot of time with my parents and see friends and family.   As mentioned, B was in the first week of surgical rotation and unable to attend. […]