Celebrations! And minor meltdowns



My brother’s wedding was last weekend. It was a lovely, very personal and fun. It was great to cut loose with my brother and sister-in-law, spend a lot of time with my parents and see friends and family.


As mentioned, B was in the first week of surgical rotation and unable to attend. I was pretty bummed, but think I handled it well. However, once I got home and saw him, I did have a little meltdown that went something like this:

“I missed you and it was a very special and important event and I wish you had been there. Everyone asked about you and he is my only sibling and I kept turning to talk to you and you weren’t there and I’m so sad!” Sob, whine, sob.

This, 1) accomplished nothing and 2) only made B feel more awful than he already did.

But sometimes you just gotta cry it out. And an hour later, I felt much better.

Congrats to J&D! 


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