The scalpels are next to the fabric softener

Returning home from running some errands recently, I was stopped in the laundry room by a surprise. B was conducting surgery on the washing machine. Needle and thread in hand he didn’t even stop to explain when I walked in the door. He just said, “My sutures aren’t straight enough.”

This is surgical rotation.


Okay, so the patient being sutured up was a chicken breast picked up at the meat counter earlier in the day. B was doing some after-hours practice on our dinner. He asked if I would go back to the store to pick him up some pig’s feet, which apparently have a consistency more similar to human flesh. My apologies for that disgusting revelation.

Thankfully, no chicken breasts went to waste. B cut out the sutures and Mox got a pretty awesome lunch out of the deal.

Speaking of Moxley, tomorrow is his birthday! He is turning two. Or more accurately our ballpark guess of when he may have been born. Last year I made him a pumpkin cookie. I think this year he may be receiving a piece of turkey bacon.

And in celebration of his birthday, here’s a random sampling of some of his numerous greatest hits.



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