Storms Brewing

We’ve been under a tornado watch all day. And over 50 tornadoes have touched down across the Midwest, some leaving a lot of destruction in their path. It’s mid-November. It has already snowed once. This is super weird.

And as coincidence would have it, B and watched a little movie last night called Take Shelter about a man descending into madness preparing for the storm of a lifetime. And then today’s crazy weather is happening and it’s all creepy creepy!!

I, for once, was oblivious to the events of the world and picked up a friend for lunch today when she starting rattling off stats about something like torque levels and percentages and I was like “Um, what’s this now?” And she told me she prepared by getting the cat’s carrier out in case they had to go to the first floor of their building, she replaced the batteries in their flashlights and made sure their phones were charged to 100%. I didn’t even know it was supposed to rain.

Now, a planner by nature, I did come home and prepare by filling two reusable water bottles and making pumpkin-cream cheese frosting smothered cupcakes. As my mom would call it, emergency food.


And by taking Mox for a green-sky walk.


Like true thrill seekers, laughing in the face of danger.


And B prepared with books and highlighters as usual.


But hey, I lit some candles!

In all seriousness, good thoughts to those who were impacted by today’s storms and be safe out there!


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