Holiday Fast – Surgeon Style

We have some husband/wife (M and C) friends that are M2s. They have a dog who is buddies with Moxley and we get together for playdates and dog activities. On a recent dog walk, C and I were discussing B’s surgical rotation and she blurted out, “Does he have time to eat?!”

M: “Funny you should ask. No. Not most days. It’s freaking me out.”

C: Oh no, that makes me so nervous. I am always thinking about my next meal.


So is Mox.  via D.S.

So is Mox.
via D.S.

M: Same, if I don’t eat every couple hours I get grouchy and woozy and sweaty.

C: Can he sneak a granola bar in the pocket of his white coat? Or could he say ‘I’m going to the bathroom’ and go chug a smoothie?

M: I don’t think they even wear their white coats in the OR. And would you really want to eat food that had been near an open cavity?

C: Eww, good point. I need to start planning. Maybe I could fit a Camelbak under my scrubs?

Lately B has been forcing himself to eat a banana pre-5 a.m. and not eating again until dinner, usually around 7:15. Apparently, this is the case for surgeons. They spent hours in the OR without drinking, eating and going to the bathroom. B has always been blessed with the type of genes women dream of: difficulty keeping on weight. Woman’s dream, young guy’s nightmare. So when he doesn’t have time to eat, the pounds fall off. This alarms me to no end.  I’ve been packing our shelves with protein shakes and bars and B’s mom signed us up for Nature Box. Maybe it’s time to start holiday baking – who can resist the temptation of freshly baked cookies?

Last year's bake-fest bounty.

Last year’s bake-fest bounty.

So for those of you out there searching for a Get Skinny for the Holidays plan I highly recommend 14-hour surgical shifts where you spend the entire day on your feet and you don’t eat anything. Works like a charm. 



  1. My husband told me he lost weight with the overnight rotations and since his schedule was thrown off, there were times he knew he needed to eat but wasn’t hungry–he’ll play catch up soon I’m sure. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading your blog. What did you get a graduate degree in?

    1. Glad to hear that from someone who has been through it!

      I have a MA in Communication, but work in marketing. Looking forward to reading your blog as well!

      1. Oh neat! I’m considering graduate school (MBA/MA in Marketing/MA in Communications), but I haven’t decided which degree program and my husband and I figured we’d wait until he’s finished with medical school = this upcoming May.

        I can’t believe he’s almost done. 🙂

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