Point Break

Every couple months I get to the point of having had enough – enough of the med school lifestyle. Most of the time I think I have a pretty positive outlook and remain upbeat about this quirky life. However, sometimes the grind of making all the money, trying to establish myself at my new job, feeling like a single puppy-parent, doing all the cooking, doing all the cleaning, managing any home-owning responsibilities and maintaining any social life becomes too much. This usually comes in response to taking Mox on the fourth walk of the day, when I would prefer to do dishes. And it comes out in a slew of word vomit to a tired looking B. The worst part? It isn’t even about B. B’s job is to go to school and learn as much as possible, do awesome on his exams, hence providing us options for the next step. And he’s doing that with flying colors. It’s about the lifestyle. But when I’m running down a list of frustrations to B, it can seem personal. For me, that’s usually enough to get over it and move forward. It’s amazing how therapeutic venting can be, but just as I sometimes build with frustration, B is pushing up against his breaking point as well, maybe more so. Weeks with little sleep, lacking nutrition and the normal high demands of med school are starting to show their wear. During his surgical rotation he’ll spend 15+ hours at the hospital, then come home and study for two more. Not to mention, he has two 24-hour shifts in the next four days.

Study buddies.

Study buddies.

But, no pity please. We know that there are merely days left until a nice break.

And we have this veggie-loving fur ball to provide some comic relief.


If all the kids of the world enjoyed celery as much as Moxley, we’d be a lot healthier.

What about you, fellow MWMS-ers? Do you ever hit a breaking point?



  1. I was kind of “lucky” that Mr. H and I were in a long-distance relationship during MS1 and MS2 because he didn’t feel guilty about the hours he was putting into studying for exams and Step 1, and I didn’t feel guilty if I went to work, book club, or to the movies with my gal pals. Now that we’re married and he’s traveling all over for interviews, it’s kind of a different breaking point: I simply get tired of 1) holding down the fort by myself and 2) knowing that there are more flights/hotels/car rentals to pay for out of my paycheck, and 3) seeing my friends move on with their lives with homes, children, etc.

    Can’t wait for our turn.

    1. I’m sure the interview trail brings it’s own set of challenges. And I totally hear you about friends settling down, having careers, families and a permanent address. At times like that, I try to remind myself if the adventures and opportunities we’ve had that we wouldn’t in a more stable life, which has been great. Good luck to Dr. H during interviews – I’m sure you are so excited for Match Day!

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