Don’t let the calendar fool you

This is not Fall.


But it is a winter wonderland!

IMG_4745Moxley and I spent a good part of this weekend sprinting and jumping through big piles of snow.


But when I did forge out for an ugly sweater party and to finish up some Christmas shopping, it was nice to have a reliable car to get me from A to B. I may gripe about my car payment, but it’s so reassuring to not feel like you are driving a hockey puck down the street when the roads look like this:


Don’t worry parents: the car was stopped!

And without much wind and temps in the 2o’s I decided to not let eight inches of snow slow me down, so I hit the streets for a run. Granted, having cleats on my feet did help a lot.


And to celebrate the completion of B’s first 24-hour shift, I baked and decorated Christmas cookies. Half went to friends and neighbors, but I had to save some for us:)

christmas cookies

Have a great week!


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