Monthly Archives: January 2014

Cookie Wars and Polar Vortex Fashion

I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but we are in the midst of a phenomenon known as a “Polar Vortex”. This is (what my maternal grandfather would call a $7 word) a fancy way of saying it’s cold. Extremely so. In case you were wondering, this is the appropriate way to dress nowadays. This […]

Something to Talk About

Last weekend we went to a potluck with some med school friends. There was some chat of how each other’s holidays were and a few comments on the NFL playoffs, but two-thirds of the way through their third year, there was only one topic on everyone’s minds and lips: specialty choices. “Do you have a […]

A comprehensive list of Moxley’s fears

Mox fears many things: narrow door/entryways, turning around in narrow door/entryways, the vacuum, bridges, people walking behind us, his reflection as we walk past storefront windows, Christmas trees being moved in a shopping cart (long story), sleeping somewhere without air conditioning and a pillow-top mattress (read: camping), skateboards, skateboarders, the elevated metal table at the vet’s […]

Holiday Parties and Other Sacrificial Rituals

Last weekend was just a string of social gatherings. My work holiday party was at a swanky loft where the gentlemen wore tuxedos. Tuxedos, I say!  We were very slightly underdressed, but as the night wore on, so many people had overdressed themselves with vodka and whisky that it didn’t matter. And it was a […]

Since We’ve Been Gone Pt. 2 – The Trip

There is a reason for the holiday travel stigma. Two canceled flights equated an unexpected night spent in Newark and an unexpected night spent in Chicago. It also added hundreds of miles to my Mom’s car, late nights and dangerous driving conditions. But we got over it. The resort was gorgeous.   We saw some […]

Since We’ve Been Gone Pt. 1: Midwestern Christmas

Hey y’all! We are back from our holiday honeymoon extravaganza! Our holidays were great! There were no books, no pagers, no white coats, just nice, quality times with those we love the most. Despite 8 years together, I finally met B’s paternal grandfather for the first time. He was ill at our wedding. He stormed […]