Holiday Parties and Other Sacrificial Rituals

Last weekend was just a string of social gatherings. My work holiday party was at a swanky loft where the gentlemen wore tuxedos. Tuxedos, I say!  We were very slightly underdressed, but as the night wore on, so many people had overdressed themselves with vodka and whisky that it didn’t matter. And it was a good excuse to take some time to actually style my hair and wear sparkly nail polish!

 photo 2 (4)

We watched some football with friends at my new favorite bar because they put fresh (like, really fresh) blueberries in my beer!

 photo 3 (3)

And we had some friends over for a drink. They brought their dog and Mox was psyched to have a friend over. B accuses me of having friends over for the sole purpose of using my cheeseboard and putting together a spread.

 photo (31)

He may be right.

We’ve also been using the heck out of B’s Christmas present from my parents. We’ve knocked back the Keurig Kool-Aid. And there’s no going back.

 photo 4 (2)

And there was time for snuggles, obvi.

 photo 4 (1)

Last week B shadowed a urology team. He really enjoyed it, so much that he is debating doing a Sub-I in urology this summer. I asked him how it was going one day and he said, “Awesome, I got to remove a guy’s kidney today!”

M: Oh that’s cool. But what does that really mean? Did you remove a section or the whole thing?

B: The whole thing. You just stick your hand in there and pull it right out. Like a Mayan King.


Kinda like this.

This week kicked off the first week of an 8-week neurology sequence. That is followed by 12 weeks of family medicine and 8 weeks of pediatrics and then, THEN, 3rd year is OVER!



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