A comprehensive list of Moxley’s fears

Mox fears many things: narrow door/entryways, turning around in narrow door/entryways, the vacuum, bridges, people walking behind us, his reflection as we walk past storefront windows, Christmas trees being moved in a shopping cart (long story), sleeping somewhere without air conditioning and a pillow-top mattress (read: camping), skateboards, skateboarders, the elevated metal table at the vet’s office, bath time, walking across smooth floors, and small children running toward him.


Yesterday we discovered a new fear.



Yes, I call them snowpeople. Deal with it.

During a walk yesterday we rounded a big evergreen to run smack into this snowperson. Mox shot five feet in the air and scampered back. When I walked up to touch the snowperson to show him it was ok, he whimpered. Granted this snowperson was constructed of two-week old snow and looks like it had weathered some more storms, with a missing eye and misshapen head. Like he may have been from the Land of Misfit Snowpersons. It was simply too much for Mox to take.

So we had to go home and rest.


B has MLK Day off to enjoy a leisurely day of neurology study. Maybe he’ll spend some time trying to understand the neurological stake in Moxley’s neuroses. 


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