Something to Talk About

Last weekend we went to a potluck with some med school friends. There was some chat of how each other’s holidays were and a few comments on the NFL playoffs, but two-thirds of the way through their third year, there was only one topic on everyone’s minds and lips: specialty choices.


“Do you have a strong feeling about what you want to do? What has your favorite rotation been? Do you know where you want to live?!”

No one could seem to help themselves. Granted, of the approximately 30 attendees, there was only one other guy and myself who are not in med school. And there was a nervous energy of the people who seemed to have no, even vague, answer to these questions. “I’m rootless!” one friend worried. “I’m without roots, so the possibilities are way to open for me to make a good choice of where to apply!”

“I’ve sort of liked everything so far,” lamented another friend. “I haven’t had strong feelings one way or the other about any of my rotations so I can’t make a clear choice.”

Some others went way more personal. “We’ve started having conversations about how serious our relationship actually is,” said one male M3 motioning to his fellow M3 and girlfriend sitting next to him. “We’re not sure yet whether we’ll do a couples match or not.”


But for others who have made that choice, it almost feels like a marriage proposal. “Yeah, we decided to couples match! We’re working on our location list now!”

Only making this conversation worse? It’s actually pretty timely. The M3s will soon make their M4 year schedules, which can allow them to get more practical application for certain specialties, cementing their choices before heading into the interview trail this upcoming fall.


Making the mood a little lighter were my awesome cookies, which were quickly devoured, despite B’s accusations of me making “hippie cookies”. Recipe to come:)


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