Neur-no, thank you

It’s been a couple weeks, I know, and there will be more on that later. But it’s nice to be back with you!

B takes his neurology SHELF today and boy, is he ready for it to be over. You know when you find the absolute best chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever had? You’ve spent your life taste-testing and searching for the perfect cookie and then you find it and all other cookies pale in comparison. You just don’t want to waste your caloric intake on sub-par cookies?  Well, in this analogy B’s perfect chocolate chip cookie is surgery and caloric intake is time.

Yup, at this point B is still loving surgery and I don’t think that is going to change soon. And I came across this gem on a friend’s Facebook page recently.


It’s an algorithm to determine the right specialty for you. Check it out here. My personal favorite is the path to pathology:)

Otherwise, it’s still winter here.


Mox has taken to wearing B’s slippers to stay warm.

Yeah, still.


My frozen hair and Mox’s frozen nose.

I baked some brownies and B colored some books with special neon markers.


And last weekend’s Superbowl parties were fun.


Switch weekend this weekend and Family Med starts next week! Stay warm out there y’all!


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