Monthly Archives: March 2014

Peds is Sad

Despite the fact that he has two younger brothers, B hasn’t spent much time in his life around children. He held a friend’s 14-month old over Christmas because I handed her to him, and it was clear he wasn’t entirely sure what to do.  Due to his lack of exposure, peds isn’t a rotation he […]

Much to celebrate

We’ve been lucky to have much to celebrate around here lately. We celebrated my mom coming to visit and bringing Mox’s BFF, Molly. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style, including some festive doggy apparel picked up at doggy daycare. We celebrated B’s birthday with puppy romps and basketball-watching. We celebrated the return of the […]

Making Matches

Today is Match Day. At noon EST, 11 a.m. CT, 10 a.m. MT and 9 a.m. PT, every fourth year medical student in the U.S. will open the envelope that notifies them of their residency placement. And one year from today, that will be B. Good luck M4’s of America! May the Match be with […]

He Wants to do What?!

Now that B is on his last rotation of M3 year (!) The Match is regularly on the brain. And while in the past I could answer the question of “What kind of doctor is he studying to be?” with an “he’s not sure yet,”  – now the question is valid and answers more available. […]

Switch weekend + Daylight Savings = Rip Off (Also – waffles!)

B had a switch weekend this weekend which was so very wonderful. However, with it also being daylight savings, we were rudely charged an hour of those precious 48 that we did not spend. I know I’ll appreciate it when I walk Mox in the evening this week, but today it wasn’t so cool. We […]

Dr. Dog

B wrapped up his Family Med rotation today. It wasn’t his favorite, but also wasn’t his least. The hours have been good, but he basically summed it up as “respiratory issues that span the generations”. However, one of B’s Attendings came up to him on the first day, shook his hand and said “You have […]

Sunday Sustenance, Slider Style

Hello all. Tomorrow is my first day or my new job! I’m so excited to get back to the grind. I took advantage of my recent unexpected time off to scour my Pinterest boards, my freezer and shelves to get creative with some recipes. This is one of those made up on the fly with […]