Dr. Dog

B wrapped up his Family Med rotation today. It wasn’t his favorite, but also wasn’t his least. The hours have been good, but he basically summed it up as “respiratory issues that span the generations”. However, one of B’s Attendings came up to him on the first day, shook his hand and said “You have the same name as my dog!” with a smile.

B: Same first name?

Dr: No, both, first and last. You seem to have better hygiene though.

This guy looks like a credible canine to me?
The only moments of excitement expressed over the four weeks related to a circumcision and a vasectomy. Go ahead and take a wild guess about where B’s residency interests lie?

Yeah, the path to urology seems accurate for B.

I wrapped up my first week of the new gig today. One my first day I arrived to find a stuff llama on my desk, because, why not?

B starts Pediatrics on Monday. I can’t even wait to hear the stories:)

In the meantime we’re off for a walk with Mox, then dinner and plentiful drinks. To any other MWMSers enjoying a switch weekend this weekend – treat yo’ self!


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