He Wants to do What?!

Now that B is on his last rotation of M3 year (!) The Match is regularly on the brain. And while in the past I could answer the question of “What kind of doctor is he studying to be?” with an “he’s not sure yet,”  – now the question is valid and answers more available.

B is planning on pursuing placement in urology! The response has been one of puzzle, usually followed by “Why?”


Say what?!

B shared this piece, which while titled, “Guide for Moms”, I elected to not take offense. And then I shared it with our moms. The image at the top just really lies it all out there.

Things of this nature.

Things of this nature.

I knew as soon as he completed his surgical rotation that he was hooked and sure enough, a surgical sub-specialty it is. I’m excited for him and compared to some of alternatives (general surgery) it looks like the post-residency life can provide a little more flexibility. But you know, we got seven years before we need to worry about that:)


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