Peds is Sad

Despite the fact that he has two younger brothers, B hasn’t spent much time in his life around children. He held a friend’s 14-month old over Christmas because I handed her to him, and it was clear he wasn’t entirely sure what to do.  Due to his lack of exposure, peds isn’t a rotation he has been looking forward to. And adding the fact that it is super depressing and he doesn’t get to be in the OR, it hasn’t been the best time ever.

Yesterday, B told me they had a two year old in with a genetic heart defect. Overnight, she had a stroke and is now in the ICU. Sick kids and sad parents, all day long. I’ll take a shallow, abrasive and incompetent coworker over that any day.

The one good thing about peds? There are therapy dogs everywhere. And these dogs wear the same type of ID badges as the med students, on their collars. B said his favorite is named Hector. Just typing that sentence made happy!


via Google.

via Google.

I don’t think this is Hector, but she’s a cutie!


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