Monthly Archives: April 2014

So long, M3

Sorry for the hiatus, more on that later. But for now, I’m excited to say that today is B’s last day of clinic in his M3 Year!!! Wooo-eeee! Mox  celebrated by breaking out his best bow-tie.   B is not sad to see Peds go or really M3 year as a whole, for that matter. After […]

Too nice outside to blog

It was super awesome outside this weekend, unseasonably so. And B is on an outpatient service right now, so he had the weekend “off”! Maybe clinic isn’t so bad after all, huh B? 🙂 We ate lunch on our patio (and breakfast, and dinner, and exercised out there. We basically lived on the patio). And […]

One size fits all

My new job offers career coaching, which is something new for me. In essence the goal is the identify strengths and weaknesses in your self and set short-term and long-term goals of how to address your weaknessess. I belief I am fairly introspective, so my strengths (hard-working, focused, open-minded, etc) and weaknesses (impatient, spontaneous, inability […]