One size fits all

My new job offers career coaching, which is something new for me. In essence the goal is the identify strengths and weaknesses in your self and set short-term and long-term goals of how to address your weaknessess. I belief I am fairly introspective, so my strengths (hard-working, focused, open-minded, etc) and weaknesses (impatient, spontaneous, inability to hide my disdain for my perception of other’s stupidity/ignorance in my facial expressions, etc – thanks for that gift, Dad!) did not come as a surprise. But one thing that the career coach said, did. She said that goal of the company was not to create a “one size fits all” sense of career goals and trajectory.

The first two years of B’s medical school experience allowed for a lot of personal choice: the choice of how to study (in the lecture hall, with groups, at prep session or on one’s own) and even when they wanted to take their weekly quizzes (anytime Friday-Sunday). But with the start of clinical rotations, a lot of that choice has been removed, not only because of the clear logistical necessities, but also out of the limited amount of time.

This is one thing that I’ve noticed has started to become frustrating. B is very much a nose-in-the-book-alone-in-a-room type of learner. But with each different rotation, brings different attendings and different residents who impose their own styles. It’s frustrating to know that you don’t learn as well in a discussion format to be forced into one, knowing you’ll have to go home and “actually study” in your own, more personally-effective way.

As someone who feels she knows herself well, I’m not convinced of the value of career coaching, but gosh is it nice to be presented with choice.

This weekend was full of choice: do you want to have brunch at Place A or Place B?


And do you want to go for a long walk in Park 1 or Park 2?


Enjoy the week:)


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