Monthly Archives: August 2014

Another Perspective

A member of B’s family recently had to undergo heart surgery. It was a very stressful time for the family and a very risky surgery. We went to visit them in the hospital prior to surgery and provide support. Love, donations, well wishes and prayers flooded a support website set up to keep friends and […]

The List is Made

One good thing about pursuing a residency in urology is that there aren’t THAT many programs to choose from. Then narrow that down even more by the Midwest region and the list grows smaller. BUT – take into account how competitive urology is.(the match rate is one of the lowest of residency programs in the […]

Hey la, hey la

My  husband’s back! B is back from his away Sub-I! Mox is typically a woofer, but as soon as he saw B he was too excited to speak, just wag his tail and give kisses. It was great. After a month of him being away we are thrilled to have him home. Bonus of his […]