Monthly Archives: September 2014


Le sigh. B’s on a surgical ICU rotation. It’s a required rotation and one that garners a lot of knowing “Oooohhhhh” responses from fellow med students to the frequent question “So what are you on right now?” Here’s the schedule: Day 1: Pre-Call day (12-14 hours on) Day 2-3: Call day (30 hours on) Day […]

Open Season

The Electronic Residency Applicant Service (ERAS) opens for residency applicants today! I feel so nervous/excited I could puke. Interview season is just around the corner. Also, in case your Newsfeed is now crawling with people with names like Fred Flynnstone and Mariuh Care-ee, now you know why. The internet never forgets, y’all.  

Vacation Recap: Traverse City

Summer will still be with us for about another week but when I was walking Moxley this morning the air felt different. Fall has arrived. We don’t need to rehash my thoughts on fall, but it seemed like a good time to look back at summer, including a vacation B and I took to Traverse […]