Le sigh. B’s on a surgical ICU rotation. It’s a required rotation and one that garners a lot of knowing “Oooohhhhh” responses from fellow med students to the frequent question “So what are you on right now?”

Here’s the schedule:

Day 1: Pre-Call day (12-14 hours on)

Day 2-3: Call day (30 hours on)

Day 3 Remainder: Off

Day 4: Off

A month of this is no fun. Well, at least not for me. B loves critical care and says the first 24 hours of a 30-hour shift actually go by pretty quickly.

Getty Images.

Getty Images.

But it’s rotations like these that make non-med people ask questions like, “But, why? Isn’t that unsafe? Who wants to be the patient on hour 29?”

I legit don’t know. I just accept the weirdness at this point.


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