Monthly Archives: October 2014

On the Road Pt. 2 & Happy Halloween!

Moxley wants to wish you a very Happy Halloween! They had a Halloween party at doggy daycare, complete with costumed portraits. Rumor has it there will be photos with Santa and/or a menorah in the coming months:)   B had his first big stretch of residency interviews this week. He was home for a night […]

On the Road – Part 1

The air is crisp, the leaves changing and falling, cider and donuts abound. It’s Fall. And what does that mean? Seven weeks of cross-country flights, strange hotels, friend’s couches and sterile rental cars otherwise known as interview season. It’s arrived my friends! We feel very fortunate that B has received so many interview offers.  After […]

On Living with a Future Surgeon

There are a few things that you will start to notice around your house when the person you co-habitat with decides to pursue surgery. There will be string with knots tied to your furniture. They will practice tying at-random. Your house will be littered with suture kits. You will regularly be asked to “pick up […]